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The Fall/Halloween Community
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A community for all things relevant to autumn and halloween.
This community was created for people who love autumn and/or Halloween. Oh yes, I've decided to mash up a holiday 'and' a season.

The community is open to absolutely anything pertaining to the two; poems, art, icons, banners, song recs, costume suggestions, costume showing off (^_~), recipe ideas, party ideas, decorating tips, etc...

PLEASE use a cut (and place warnings) if you're going to post a picture of anything especially grotesque. (Things like very graphically bloody costumes/makeup, or photos of real spiders... Okay, the spider cut is for my benefit. They terrify me. And not in the fun Halloween-terrified way.) Also, be courteous about using cuts for large posts, or pictures. Your dachshund's hotdog outfit may be adorable, but seventy-five pictures can really slow a page down. (Don't get me wrong; we WANT to see the pics. Just, behind a cut.)

Please feel free to take advantage of this site to celebrate the cooling temperature, and that feeling of autumn.