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Are You Afraid of the Dark?
omg o nos
This opening creeped me out when I was a kid, and it creeps me out now.

I thought since we're already in autumn, and fast-approaching Halloween, I should post some mood-setting music.

I've been relatively remiss in posting here. With the stress of school, I actually 'forgot' about this community, for a while.

I guess my next post might be a Halloween song list (both obvious, and not-so-obvious songs). Or... If we put decorations up at my house, I may snap a few pics of that. Our house is creepy year-round... It just gets more festive at Halloween.

(Belated) tags post.
omg o nos
I probably should have done this for my first post, but I just wasn't coherent when I made that one (or the following two.)

Please select one of the tags I've set up for your posts, unless none of them apply to what you're posting, in which case... er... Well, use your best judgement as for tags.

I've only thought of a couple as I'm a bit rushed (I've been annoyingly busy with university, lately), but I'll add more as they come to mind. Please be sure to title and tag your posts appropriately.

A poem for autumn
Come Back brother
Written several years ago, when I couldn't 'find' a poem to express my love of foliage.

The shorter days of dappled light,
Shine down between the russet leaves.
Reds, yellows, oranges, blazing bright
Like fires in the trees above.
It’s autumn now, and soon the flame,
From reaching branch will float to earth,
And spread without a need for blame,
These harmless fires are well beloved.

(I think it goes pretty well with the content of my previous post.)

MS Paint Autumnal scene
I know I said I'd post a poem... I lied. (Bwahaha.)

Click for full view. Beware bright colors.Collapse )

Obligatory first post.
SO! In an effort to create some hype (if only for myself) for Halloween, here are a few pictures of my zombie costume from '08. (One picture also involves a friend of mine.)

Not overtly graphic, but there is fake blood involved.Collapse )

My next post will likely involve a poem I wrote about autumn... Because I'm a geek.